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Our expanding network of adult entertainment media sites continues to grow every month. We have the traffic to suit the needs of any company looking to develop their name in the adult entertainment industry.
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Geo Targeting
Our Ad Network includes filters to guarantee the best fit for advertisers and content providers. We know the adult entertainment market and will make sure audiences are served the best ad for them.
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With so many competing brands in the adult entertainment industry, advertising is elemental to setting your company apart from the rest. Bhang helps you do so without breaking the bank with affordable, tailored pricing to suit each client’s needs and capabilities.
Content Marketing helps the customer to build trust in your brand before reaching a purchase point. Your content piece is aggregated across our publisher network where it garners more leads and shows off your product in an approachable, non-confrontational manner.

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Bhang accesses millions of real-time impressions each day, connecting relevant viewers to YOUR advertisement. Our software optimizes all forms of digital media so we can serve targeted offers, messages, content, and ads across paid, owned, and earned channels. We are constantly identifying and gathering new customers for our clients. We interact with them in real time through software that determines their interests and targets offers to them directly on any device, giving them better content and you better leads.

New Features include Geo-Targeting, placing your location-specific service or product more prominently in your immediate market.


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Bhang gives your viewers the power to share and amplify your content with free and easy tools. This not only exponentially increases your views, but also pre-qualifies users for targeted ads based on their indicated interests when sharing your content. We place you at the center of this powerful process, increasing your traffic with high-quality leads and engaged viewers. Users can share to Facebook, post to forums, Tweet, or share content in any form they choose, all the while helping you gain loyal fans.

Whether you opt in to our content sharing program or simply want to monetize your site with high CTR ad units, we have made the process as easy as copying and pasting a snippet of code to instantly start a revenue stream optimized specially for your audience.

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